B82172 Cosmetology (for foreign students)

This course is organised as a e-learning. Lessons are published weekly on this website:


Just click on the link above and u will get directly there.

To get credits you need to:

1) Reply questions under each lecture video on Youtube (as a comment).

2) Write thesis (essay at least 2 pages A4) and submit it on webpage www.streda.com. Specific instructions on how to upload work to the system, see below.

How to upload essay to the system:

Open the website www.streda.com and click on the tab English –> Students‘ Essays.


At the end of the page (at the bottom) there is space for comment („Napsat komentář“). Upload your seminar work there according to the instructions in the following picture.


1. Enter the text of your work into the „Komentář“ field.

2. Type your first name and last name into the „Jméno“ field.

3. Send the seminar work by clicking on „Odeslat komentář„.

Leave the other two fields blank.

If the work is okay, your comment will be approved.


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